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Welcome to Adirondack Family Chiropractic, your family Chiropractic office.  Thank you for choosing our office for your chiropractic care.  We will be working together to help you and your family achieve your health and wellness goals.   Our goal is to detect and remove interference to your nervous system caused by misalignment of your spine;  this is what we call subluxation.

At Adirondack Family Chiropractic, our goal is simple:  to offer the highest quality chiropractic care and education in the North Country.  We are committed to helping people achieve their wellness goals and become empowered in their own healthcare.   Chiropractic care is a partnership: while we provide the service, your body heals from within.  This is a very special relationship between doctor and patient that we value in our office. 


A Job Well Done!

Our good patient, Andrew Weibrecht, stops in to get an adjustment after winning the silver medal in the Super G in Sochi, Russia. He has enjoyed Chiropractic for the past 12 years. Andrew states that Chiropractic care allows him to have better performances and be well balanced.



Spring is on it's way!

Temperatures are rising let's get oustside and

enjoy the milder weather. As we  commence

spring cleaning of our houses and cars let us not

forget to cleanse our bodies as well. Keeping the

body in alignment will allow us to properly handle

our daily activities.


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Happy New Year 2014!

We are beginning 2014 with some milestones. Ever wonder when the best time would be to begin chiropractic care? It should be NOW! Just take a peek below and see our newest patients to our office.......






We are happy to welcome  Dr. Heather Alden to our chiropractic office locations. She started with us this past spring. She is a 2001 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She and her family are from the north country originally and are excited to see old friends and to make new ones! She has strong hands and a confident smile. Stop in and check her out!



Dr. Joe and Dr. Carolyn had an exciting and remarkable trip to Turkey!  Take a moment to read about their trip abroad!

Taking Chiropractic to Turkey Winter of 2012

Healing Across Hemispheres-

The Doctors Clauss and their voyage to Turkey reveal a

global need for chiropractic living


By Dan Gallagher

The need for wellness, balance and bodily fortitude extends to every corner of the globe. With hundreds of co-cultures and races throughout the world and their vast differences, we all share a common thread: our bodies, similar in internal form, need to be adjusted and maintained. The Clauss family of doctors, Joe and Carolyn (with son Patrick assisting), took a sojourn overseas to Turkey as part of a set of presentations to introduce the beneficial aspects of Chiropractic arts to a completely new audience.

To Another Shore

Turkey remains a crossroads of world culture. A monolith neighboring the Black and Mediterranean Seas, Turkey is noted for its role in Biblical history, Roman expansion and as the backdrop for the turbulent swordplay of the Ottoman Empire. With mountains and extreme heat, it is a land of exotic birds and other creatures with rare fortitude. “The music there is great”, Dr. Joe retells (although the elegant sounds of the oud guitar and talking drums are a far cry from his Clapton records). Artifacts from man’s greatest moments are housed there. The staff of Moses (used also by his brother Aaron for world famous feats), the sword of King David and other artifacts that shaped humanity can be observed by lucky visitors in exclusive museums. Towers of old like the brownstone Hagia Sophia and the maze-like Catal Hoyuk remind spectators that the land was built by diverse hands. Gladly, the doctors donated their hands and knowledge upon their invitation to introduce Chiropractic sciences.


“We introduced Chiropractic to them and their response was incredible”, beams Dr. Carolyn, recalling the trip. The doctors were invited overseas to join a large team of primarily American doctors and related specialists. The team included cancer experts, PhDs, members of the HATHA (Health Awareness through Holistic Approach) organization and other natural healing experts. Turkey is a nation of incredible spectacle, but earthquakes, political unrest and drastic economic strata makes the nation a place in dire need of healthy foundations. The Doctors and Patrick knew that their voyage would be an epic adventure- but the first seminar of the trip was actually on the airplane over the Atlantic.

The Need for Caring Experts was “Plane” to See

“Doctor” means “Teacher”, and the Clauss team began the lessons on Chiropractic benefits with an Indian family during the transatlantic flight. The family had an infant who clearly did not enjoy the cabin pressure and new sensations of flight. German stewardesses and  flight patrons grew annoyed after hours of screaming- something was clearly wrong. The doctors discussed between themselves whether or not to offer the infant a chiropractic adjustment.  “It was so bad”, Dr. Joe retells. As Joe retreated under a pillow to try to relax for the big seminar, the crying stopped. “I went to elbow Carolyn, and she’s not there”, he says. The first chiropractic adjustment of the voyage reached new heights- literally.


Dr. Carolyn, always a fan of initiative, snuck away to help the baby in the benches usually reserved for wait staff. “I followed the mother to the back of the plane and I told her that I could help her baby” she tells. “I adjusted her gently and also comforted her mother”. During a sign-language exchange with the Indian family, the baby received an upper cervical adjustment (the Doctor’s specialty) and the baby became relaxed and quickly slept. The Clauss family reminds everyone that stress contributes to subluxations (spinal misalignment) and patients of any age can benefit from adjustments in times of heightened need and urgency. The family was grateful- not to mention the high praise from flight staff and passengers.  The Clauss team figuratively “earned their wings” with the airplane response.

The “Angel Family”

“The people are so warm, beautiful and thankful”, Dr. Joe shares, recalling the instant brotherhood that formed with his family and the Turkish people. After disembarking, the trio had to move at ‘whirling dervish’ speeds in order to meet the demanding schedule. With the business at hand, they had very little time to see the architecture, world famous shopping centers and mosaic art. Once the seminars began, it was clear that even the most cogent Chiropractic presentation would have noticeable language barriers (Dr. Joe reports that John Wayne jokes do not translate as well as other material). Assisted by translators, the doctors spent time sharing the details of the benefits of adjustments, aspects of proper diet and exercise and the blanket concept of “ innate intelligence“- the vital idea that our bodies and minds have a sensibility and homeostasis needs that must always be considered. After the introductory presentation, the Clauss duo offered adjustments to their new contingent of friends. It was clear from the early goings that Chiropractic treatments, brand new to this particular audience, were a hit.

“We were able to deliver nearly 500 adjustments”, Dr. Joe reports. The Doctor Duo was only scheduled for one hour of adjustments, but these instant fans thought otherwise. The lines for the Doctor’s adjustments were comparable to lines we see in the States for popular movies and concerts. The session often went late into the night- far beyond normal office hours. Their adjustment work and caring demeanors earned them the nickname “the Angel Family” among their hosts. Language barriers soon vanished as Dr. Joe instructed patients to turn “sabac“(right) and “”solobac” (left).  Even speakers scheduled for their own presentations delayed their shows in order to reap the benefits of adjustments. Using tables very different from the automatic benches of their domestic offices, newfound Chiropractic enthusiasts were able to experience the relaxation and balance first hand. Among the diverse people was the descendant of poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi ( a world famous poet and old-world natural living advocate). The friendships were instant and profound.

An important consideration is the fact that these people had never encountered this particular system of healthy living. “We felt like ambassadors”, Dr. Carolyn declares with pride.

Invited Back

The Turkish hosts were impressed and they have already invited the doctors of Adirondack Family Chiropractic back for an early 2013 repeat performance. This positive link is reciprocal. Joe, Carolyn and Patrick Clauss commended the hospitality and love that was presented by their Turkish hosts. Clearly, this trip was a reminder of mankind’s cross-border similarities and perpetual need for a natural outlook on sustained health.

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